• @davemc500hats – thanks for the reports… not quite as good as bein there, but still pretty good #
  • @mmcallen – let me know if you find someone good – i need to transcribe a ton of video #
  • @RealEstateCafe – you didnt happen to photo any of the slides from the screencasting presentation at Podcamp? #
  • scary posh baby ginger sporty? @pgsmith2000? #
  • HOLY CRAP – http://tinyurl.com/5wdtsv – YouTube annotations… lots of ideas – thanks @twittervlog for showing this #
  • @techcocktail – ask all the attendees to shoot and have a flickr pool? #
  • It’s curtains for you, Elizabeth my dear #
  • any podcamp boston 3 folks know where the decks are being kept from the presentations? lookin 4 Steve Albanese’s from screencasting session #

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