• @rachelclarke – supposedly somethign wrong with a switch in switzerland #
  • @ericlitman – evernote is pretty sweet – now if i can find a way to pipe my JOTTs into the right evernote-notebook, NERDVANA will ensue #
  • @chrisbrogan – NEATO indeed – nice work #
  • Germany vs. Turkey… co-workers on both sidelines… #
  • @skydiver… damn you and your we-commerce references… will spend the rest of the day trying to remember that… Mercata? #
  • @fpaynter – isnt that the main reason to join the bourgeoisie? otherwise why would you bother learning how to spell it #
  • @srdill – right on – I missed SMB8 and will probably miss the meetup on thurs! aaaaarrrgghgghghghgh #
  • best title for a post on the videoblogging list EVAH: “I want my Vlog to look like a porno site” #
  • @Pistachio – thats funny, worked for a bar owner in the 90s who used to say “choose your partners like you would choose your wife” #

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