RSS will define the next 10 years

Not early adopters here- we are the lunatic fringe. (I LOVE THIS QUOTE)

Providing a service. Pubsub charges some customers some pretty hefty fees. Selling Quality of Service, relationship, access to devs, etc. Great business model there and other things. Is this enough – free services and ad support to millions on the web. Ability to charge the lunatics and others generates revs to provide services

How to let feed providers to charge for subscriptions. People dont like paying for things. Huge quantity of content – no shortage of fees, feeds have to be damn good – not sure thats the case.

Scott – expensive to run, cant subsist on luntic fringe. Buffers for how to build a sustainable business.

DARE – future and bizmodels, traditional syndication formats dont solve lists well, MS producting extensions, have the 3 onstage considered other scenarios that syndication doesnt satisfy.
Mark – would love to see existing comments feeds extended
Scott – watch closely, lists will be big, their guess rss only pubs and mobile otherwise no driving needs forced to react

Bob – Media companies – the demand is huge. Would rather see the tech community come up with how this will be done than the ad community. Dont understand the perjorative sense behind advertising. Should be in the hands of the pubs and the tech community… trusts tech more than madison ave. (HEAR HEAR) Dont rely on tech to come up with a solution.

Dave Winer – so much commercial info out there every day – why cant we flip it around and instead of advertising it be marketing – info about prod and svcs that i want. Inserting an ad into my attention – niclke or dime – ignoring a river of info and money. Maybe we should ask them before we experiment with them.

Bob – need to find a way for someone to pay. Dave is talking about targeting. Problem lots of people are working hard on. Advertising going for CPA.

J Calcanis – no one will opt in with advertising (at this point Dave and Jason go at it a little – excellent debate – 2 sides of the equation with excellent reasons and no clear answers)

CHRIS JUMPS ONSTAGE – gets everyone is singing Kumbaya….

this is the best conferences I have ever been at.

Dave and Jason continued the disc back and forth for a few minutes with no resolution (neither will give in to the other) but the debate is great. At the end, right before lunch, Jason thanks Dave for inventing something that is making him money)

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