Hugh Macleod spends a little time today discussing the Global Mcrobrand. I love Hugh’s commentary – funny witty and his illustrations are a riot (and not always work safe!). Whats really interesting is when he talks about Stormhoek and English Cut. It is less advertising and more conversational. I actually look forward to reading about the insights into the world of Saville Row (which anyone will tell you, I LOVE FASHION), or how Hugh is introducing folks to Stormhoek. And I have added English Cut to my OPML list.

I dont feel like I am being sold to (b/c he is completely upfront about his efforts), and if I don’t like it I SKIP TO THE NEXT POST OR FEED.

In this post Hugh talks about his overall idea of the Global Microbrand:

A small, tiny brand, that “sells” all over the world.

With the internet, of course, a global microbrand is easier to create than ever before. But they’ve existed for a while. Imagine a well-known author or painter, selling his work all over the world. Or a small whisky distillery in Scotland. Or a small cheese maker in rural France, whose produce is exported to Paris, London, Tokyo etc. Ditto with a violin maker in Italy. A classical guitar maker in Spain. A commercial sign maker in New England. Or a sheet metal entrepreneur in the U.K.

Blogs are word of mouth. Period. We find blogs through voices or ideas that we like (ty linkhopping!) and if we find them valuable, we continue reading, watching, and discussing.

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