and I doubt y’all missed it much. Been so crushed with work this month I haven’t been blogging at all – plenty of cool stuff has crossed my desktop – I just haven’t written about it.

Now I know what happened to Ace.

Happy New Year Wishes:

My team at iNDELIBLE – Eunsun, Halley, Aubrey and Mara. You ladies are a pleasure to work with… this year is going to be a lot of fun
Ashish and Manish at Tekriti – you guys frickin rock.
Ace and Usha. Congrats to Ace who just got a great job with the USTA. Congrats to Usha for being able to come home without having Ace there, workin from the house!
Toby – who just nailed a great job with Root – who are getting huge linklove/bloglove these days from Marc Canter and their new corp blogger Pete from PC4Media
Artie – going back to you know where to do you know what – stay safe you thug
My Bed – I miss you so much. Hopefully we will be seeing more of each other this year.

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Last Modified: December 31, 2005

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