Students: Downloading not unethical:- – Business News –

The link above, which is a UPI feed on shows that the BSA is framing the debate:

Downloading music is a gateway to downloading software, the survey found. Among students who say they would always download music or movies without paying for them, 27 percent said they regularly download software from a peer-to-peer network.

Generation Y has largely grown up using the Internet and the majority of this group is extremely comfortable with technology, said Diane Smiroldo, BSA’s vice president for public affairs. Unfortunately, this survey shows students who engage in these illegal behaviors are likely to continue after college and when they enter the business world.

The genie is out of the bottle. BSA/RIAA/MPAA are trying to plug holes in the dam with various appendages.

I believe artists should get paid for their work, as a matter of principle. There needs to be engagement on both sides, not just framing music downloading a “gateway” to downloading software (like marijuana is a gateway to harder drugs).

Patronizing isnt the answer.

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