Today Seth announced his new book, The Big Moo by The Group of 33 on his blog:

Announcing this will be his last traditional book published (check out the remarkable Change This that he and his team launched last year) Seth has put a challenge to the movers and shakers of the blogosphere – get the galley copies (min order of 50 for $2 a pop) to share with your other early adopter/lunatic fringe/thought leader/maven friends – the kind of people who will share the book with their employees, clients, partners, vendors etc.

As usual, a brilliant idea from Seth that puts his faith in the market (he would rather take a chance on us) and at the same time tests his ideas about viral marketing, communication and business. When I was working at K2 Design in the mid 90’s Dave Centner gave every employee of the company Tom Peters In The Pursuit of WOW. At the time I thought it was incredible that a company would make any book required reading (other than Teach Yourself HTML in 21 Days).

Here is an excert from the 1800 CEO Read ordering page:

But how do you create a big moo—an insight so astounding that people can’t help but remark on it, like digital TV recording (TiVo) or overnight shipping (FedEx), or the world’s best vacuum cleaner (Dyson)? Godin worked with thirty-two of the world’s smartest thinkers to answer this critical question. And the team—with the likes of Tom Peters, Malcolm Gladwell, Guy Kawasaki, Mark Cuban, Robyn Waters, Dave Balter, Red Maxwell, and Randall Rothenberg on board— created an incredibly useful book that’s fun to read and perfect for groups to share, discuss, and apply.

I plan on taking up the challenge and ordering the galleys for my friends. I cant wait.

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