You guys.  This is an unbelievable thing.

Overnight, through Kickstarter, the fans of Double Fine Productions have exceeded the goal for funding the next amazing game.  I cannot believe how wonderful the fans have been to Double Fine through the years.  It makes tears happen on my face. I am proud to have been a part of the Double Fine family all these years.  

This particular project is rules, you guys.  Because it is getting back to the adventure game roots!  But also, it involves YOU the COMMUNITY! Watch the video for it to see what i mean.  Backers are involved in the process and the documentary they are making along the way will shed light on the awesome process that goes into making a game.  Oh, man, this is going to be the best.

so anyway, the higher it goes over the goal means the more platforms it will be for and the better the game will be. So you can still be a part of it, if you want.

this will seriously rule, you guys.  damn.

love, scott c.

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