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We should all be able to change our name at age 21 (laugh from the crowd) – in reference to there being more info out there, sometimes posted by us or others, that we don’t necessarily want to remember, or more importantly share

Access to info unprecedented now – more and more available, more and more out there – more of us with cameras and a voice

“Once they are set (biases), they are very difficult to unset”
“Confirmation bias – everything you see confirms your bias”
“Possible to use google to reinforce this (not a good thing)”

TF – first time in Bahrain history – people got a view, using google earth of how much land the ruling family had
ES – in the case of bahrain, when they shut down googleearth – the backlash promoted GE more than the backlash shut it down – made it more popular and relevant
Unless censorship has moral basis – most people will want to see it because of how they are built
GE – changes how you view the world when you look at it from geo perspective – what you find changes you

will see more of countries (regimes) trying to use legal takedowns and other methods to censor (esp. YouTube).
DMCA – one way, will remove SSN

TF – whats happening with China? Chinese are finding more and more ways to get around it
ES – appears to be a great firewall – does in fact prevents info from getting into china
Goog has to be subject to the media laws in order to work there
if goog violates the rule – tells the chinese citizen that the info was omitted
number of techniques to go around the great firewall – still working
a lot of info in other areas, bblogging community, 340 mil internet users in China

TF – as you see yourself getitng involved in these decisions – Net Neut and Censorship – has google grown into something much bigger – and should public have more transparency in how they make decisions
ES – trying to be more transparent, more govt.s trying to shut them down (TMI)
Was not familiar with diff between legal structures between one thing or another
made decision to be more trans
telling people what they are doing it
no one is forced to use Goog
criticism is healthy – has made the company stronger

TF – what surprised you
ES – incredible complexity of the media word, comlicated set of rights management – tends to slow decision making – tech will make it much easier to do rights clearing
people get more upset about video than words
lot of people assume youtube will follow the trad structures of TV – not the case
5-7 min is the usual user time, community looks at content – looks like video is a keystone tech for the web, eventually uploading video from cell phones – explosion in content very valuable to communities and long term play

TF – how does someone get hired at YT
ES – hundreds of recruiters, globally… when theh company was founded – decided would put in scientific way to get the best talent – every candiddate had to have someting unusally interesting about them – network wiring was also medical doctor, vp engineering was part time astrophysicist
best lesson learned – recruiting, and what kind of person you get
want people with a broad range of interests
1940s – test for IQ that didnt really show IQ, but helped predict that you could do well in school – the fact that you have a broad range of interests can make you more successful

where does innovation come from

ES – innovation is a strength in US – amazingly creative people need a platform – and the internet is the best way to do that – best way as entrepreneur

ES – people arent used to using the medium, many orgs produce video that doesnt go anywhere – people saying – i want the things that i want dist.
politicians – want things on youtube to gen buzz, get people excited, get opionions out there, org campaign around videos – where you talk about specific area (healthcare, war, etc) – when you get the message out in that form, people will send it to each other – better to seize the medium now
does believe YT and goog will have a sig effect

ES – internet makes it essentially impossible to shut down the kinds of comm that used to be easily blocked – borders and TV

Andrew R – when candidates have a cam in their face, they think its TV – react like its TV – dont understand its a diff culture – authenticity doesnt seem to flow
ES – politicians have always been about soundbites – internet best medium for delivering soundbutes ever – online video more humor, quicker, people lose interest quite rapidly

Q – googles reaction to military’s recent restrictions to youtube, myspace, blogging
ES – prefer that they dont
people are good at deciding how they spend their time – not in favor or restricting access

Q – personalized search – concern expressed about more releavance for ind. level – at what point are you concerned about providing info that conforms to someones worldview and bolsters it
ES – invest more in education (media literacy) in our contry – hopes people will learn not to have a narrow view – narrow minded people exist w/o google

Q – talked about tech in terms of the old world, internet not a phone sys – do things without having to ask permission – how does internet give individuals access locally

ES – to what degree does the internet change or reinforce the existing culture
1 bil joining the interenet rev thru their cell phone
when they are heard d0es the world become more flat or more polarized – runnign that experiment as a society

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