So I went to the Battle Over Books event at the New York Public Library. What a great time. Lawrence Lessig was in rare form and the debate over the Google Print project was outstanding. Allan Adler, who held his own during the discussion, even recieved some applause from 5 or 10 people in the room (packed house like the Who Owns Culture event). Special guests included Steven Johnson, who moderated the Who Owns Culture event and Emily, who recently returned from another amazing trip to the Far East.

Battle Over Books

But there were two big highlights of the night:

1. I saw Krista P who I used to work with at K2. I haven’t seen her since 2000 when I ran into her at a restaurant while I was working at Deutsch. We caught up a little bit. Krista – my email address is sean at

2. I got to hang out with Emily, Toby, Ace, David and Salim. I have been developing a reputation as a flake lately thanks to the ridiculous amount of work I am doing. Leaving events early, not showing up for BBQ’s, etc. I haven’t had a chance to hang out with Emily and Toby since the summer, so it was fun to see a good debate and then grab a drink and just talk. Advertising, structured content, identity, credit, context, disaster preparedness, tennis… we were all over the map.

And it was cool to meet Salim, a fellow gnomedexer and the CEO of PubSub (search the future!). He is working on some really cool stuff (very web2.0-y) with a big announcement in the future.

Ace, as usual, is full of advice: “You gotta get out more”.

I hate it when he is right.

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