After A dismal attempt (remember Johnny Mnemonic?) to make a film based on the works of William Gibson, now they are bringing Neuromancer to the big screen:

neuromancer graphic novel cover

As one of my all-time favorite novels, I am excited and scared – excited that we finally have the visual effects to make the scenes from the book work. Scared because, according to, THEY HAVE THE GUY WHO DIRECTED TORQUE AND A FREAKIN BRITNEY SPEARS VIDEO LEADING THE PROJECT.

Neuromancer was a 385 page book… Not a short story like New Rose Hotel. Not an “adaptation” of a PKD story where the only things kept from the original is the character’s name (hello, NEXT?). This is one of the foundations of cyberpunk, and someone thinks its a good idea to give the project to this guy, and not Peter Jackson, or Brian Singer, or David Fincher?


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Last Modified: May 20, 2007

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