Because I have been crankin on client stuff, twittering like mad (more on that later), facebooking, networking, trading tons of emails, working my neck off for my consulting client, planning one startup and launching the phase 1 of another…

And it has taught me so much:

  • Editorial is not an afterthought
  • Trust is earned
  • “Are we done yet” is not professional
  • Google Adwords, Google Adsense are magic (and Dave McClure is sooooo right)
  • There isn’t enough time in the day
  • Going to the US Open with a friend is more fun than watching it on TV
  • Pretty much going anywhere is better than watching TV
  • You have to be pretty hardcore to compare the NY Yankees to the Republican Party
  • Writing the perfect doc or deck is impossible
  • There is never enough time, there never will be enough time
  • I will be going to Gnomedex as long as Chris and Ponzi invite us
  • MadMen is the best show on television

More to come… couple of launches in the next couple months, interesting project for some of my friends, some travel, helping a couple of clients

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