Thanks to work, I missed the entire first and only season of Firefly. Since then I have seen the motion picture and checked out some of the fan stuff (always love it when people who are passionate about a story keep it alive) – but I could never get into the whole ‘browncoat’ thing.

It becomes interesting when the stars get into the act. Firefly’s fans helped push the studio to make the movie. They pushed to get the show released on DVD. The stars always suported the fans (isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?)!

Check out this link to see the next sement of this story – seems like there was a Firefly conference set up for this weekend.

It was cancelled at the last minute.

The fans still showed.

The actors still showed. And signed autographs, and gave gifts to the people who same from the UK and Australia for the con and were simply amazing from the reports.

A recurring theme at bloggercon and gnomedex this year was about how the users were in charge – we are taking more control, talking back to the marketers, making our voices heard. We are interacting with brands and products and experiences on our terms – sometimes to the pleasant (and unpleasant) surprise of marketers and advertisers.

These actors could have bailed or bitched, or split for home or the next gig. They stuck around. Hung out. Signed autographs. Nathan Fillion handed out gifts to the poor folks who came from across the Atlantic and Pacific.

But this shows that respect and admiration is a two-way street. The show had quality and charm and earned the love of the fans. The fans returned the love by making sure the show didnt die unknown. The fans kept it going and touched something in the actors – who returned the love to the fans.

I love stories like that.

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