PPZT sometimes takes away what is going on

Mind Manager – Hobie

Organizing information that make sense
OPML – simple and powerful

Information Mapping
Blogging raises visibility
customers have a way to talk to them
employees have a way to talk to each other
Buzz was the one who brought him (big connector)

11 yo co.
20mil in sales this year
gradual and steady growth

CRM solution – not how they grow
WOM – adds value – people are advocates

Why use their wares
1. people dont think linearly
2. think by association (relationships, patterns)
3. Think then drag then drop
4. branch structure
5 access linked info
not ppt – where are we in the presentation/our thinking
cust tell where people think

pub as word/ppt export to xml, or shtml, or other pm tools

place to go before you go to think about things

295 bucks

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