(required reading) is running a post about how the LA Times is rolling out its own RSS newsreader. The paper, which has about 5.2 million unique visits monthly, is calling this aggregator NewsPoint.

The newsreader has LA Times feeds pre-loaded, includes Video from a local partner and it is open so the user can add other feeds.  Its the kind of thing that a big pub can do to spread RSS adoption, give users a managed experience (not training wheels) with syndication and subscription (on their terms) without having to go through GYMA.

I love the fact that they are using RSS as the foundation for the newsreader. Now I havent downloaded it yet (I will tonight), but I will post my thoughts after I get it running.

I do wonder about the LA Times mobile strategy (dont read the paper, not a resident) will be going forward.  Dave Winer has been working on the ‘River of News’ features lately, and local content is a no-brainer for the mobile market. We want to access our content on our terms/time/device. I wonder with the newer phones coming on the market, could there be a river of news for video? (kicking myself for not trying out fireant earlier).

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