JD Lasica – the house DJ
Sunday Bloody Sunday – GW Bush (Ace would love this)
Watts Wagner – to find out where society is going find people from the futuree and study them

Darknet – trad book tour – decided to do a couple of diff things – gnomedex – whats going on – determining the future,,, podcasting and blogger booktour

suprnove – chris anderson conv. – hollywood vs the loing tail. blogging, storytelling, finding our voices taking back the conversation

larrylessig, doc searls, weinberger, howard rheingold are the forefathers
take the stories and do some reporting. tell the stories of the people at ground zero. wrote to all 7 hwood studios – asked permission to use 15-30 sec of their movies ina home movie he was making – all he wants to do is take a snippet, show family and friends – is it cool?

5 said NO. couple quoted prices, one was chickenshit. No we dont want you to do that.

WHAT IS FAIR USE? There are still things we do and want to do that are allowed.

personal media rev that is driving is rss. makingeveryone a publisher. let everyone know about it. gonna explode in the next year. grassrrooots media aggregation shites

digital storytelling is taking over – George and Bobby – which is great great great tribute to JD’s brother… hopefully some of the video guys got a hold of that. Thisis the guy Paddy needs to talk to for a story.

Ourmedia – global home for grassroots media. 3 months ago 25k members. 12k pieces of media that people have uploaded – vid audio phot text software – share with a global audience – 35 moderators from 10 diff countires wikipedia approach – 3 months = 50% of the bandwidth from the internet archive (Creative Commons and Bryght)

The grey zone – dont take hwood’s idea of fair use – fair use guidelines – kinda f’ed up in some ways but do what you will…

last thing – ratings, social networking, social support, cc mixer tools, remix culture

people attach licenses to media they upload but also opening the doors. Tellign people what the rules are and tellign them there are ways t


open source media project – need moderators, hackers, tricks, best practices, people who are creating their own stuff, tell stories, authenticity – reall world not TV

Lost Remote since 1999 – started when tv wasnt reco many respects of new technology
web producers in tv newstooms with how to deal with tv – big in and out of the industry

what online and tv are doing
first time in 17 years and awakening – how its changing what they do, how it will change tv, no one has listenend that wiell – except for money – TZV internet even marketing – a lot of companies need to invest
couple of weeks ago P&G will pull from tv and shift to other forms
King Media – dir or digital prod – realizing they are pushing it to make it succeed
TV Digital Gap – completely made up: rev for TV is decreasing, rev from dig is increasing. break even piint is before digital catches up – keep people employed and qual up
what must tv cos do to survive
things old media need to do:
acquire digital companies
leverage tv to launch new products
invent new business models
cut costs – how to do with bcast quality equip.

lower 1/4 to lower 1/3 of tv will go under int he next 4 years

Terry: released from mental hosp – dont like to be criticized
dont be in a stressful situation

Donanta Communications
personal media revolution for image content and revenue
consltus with tv sta on the internet
radical in that he wont compromise on truths of the internet, citizens media and the personal media revolution
“check your instincts at the door” – id you are looking for results, you might consider doing just the opposite of what you think you are supposed to do”


b/4 tv can move forward they need to accept it. Law of attraction works on the web – not the law of promotion.

experimental journey with nashville tv WKRN TV
hopes to be a model for local tv in the future
the problem isnt revenu – it is audience – fix the problem
how to attract viewers – people are online instead of using resources to build onair – use resources for local blogosphere – use tv to increase participation and inc ratings

krn – last place in nashville
sta mgr is attuned to what iss going on
where is the money?
paid search for TV.
using airtime to promotte online business (opportunity cost)
charlie (nutty local character)
then connected tv with local bloggers
blogosphere at the local level is where it is at
local – driven by passion, bottom up, the local level is where it is at
think small
research, evite – bloggers to tv station, social event – recognize theyare here andimportant – a lot of media attempts to build their own blogosphere is a prob – it already exists
rss addresses of area bloggers, agg site called nashville is talking
nashville is talking are you listening?
only branding is “brought to you by news 2 as our committment to listen”
bloggers – dont want them as some monolitic website
standalone sites
airtime topromote
ad network
blogs for each of the personalitites for the
upcoming – teach video/workshop for bloggers
free news vid for bloggers
bring citizens media to the mainstream
raw news video – portions, online free

this is everythin we talked about (or i couldnt get on paper) for pilot!

nashville is talking – are you listening

room for one station in every market to do this
why would you invite your competitors to do your own paid site

plan is to have the bloggers on the air eventually

terry – metrics on what this is done – inc viewers, traffic
blogger meetup in feb
blogosphere has tripled in nashville when we started
ourmedia.org – fairly natural progression of blogging to media
krn is the model – working with kron

cory – newsroom blogging
tvblogs arent updated quickly enough
sizable groups who want to know what they say
procedures and policies
work here locally with est media and journalist folks

terry – background is tv but passion is culture – changing of the guard is taking place
late 70s – usa today – mickey mantle – people taking over the world have grown up on me.

what are we gonna do with it????

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