Users know more than we do journalism

discussing citizen journalism – not in abstract

talking about the notion that users know more than we do

Discussion of how an op-ed disses blogging by saying that Investigative Journalism is diametrically opposed to blogging (and better) – all the things bloggers cant do

tools need to be simple to empower

proprietary services as an impediment to sharing

need to say to the audience that they can participate

get away from the fruitless bickering b/w journalists and bloggers – this is completely diff from the current notion

how do we tell ken what he can do in spokane

how do we actually go to a paper to recommend and learn

ken – webcasting the news meetings

35 active blogs

3-4 podcasts

tradition busting ideas

open the archives

citation and recognition to those who are doing it (citizens)

projects as a longer term program (campaign as opposed to one-offs)

breaking stories as well as comments

major media have absorbed the idea that the readers are in more places than we are

method for analyses, method for collection, grading, filtering – problems – and where does the money come from for such a project

need mechanisms and rules for anonymity

lack of diversity in opinion – problem – why community, why audience can bring intelligence to the analysis

knowledgeable focus and motivated

terry heaton – evil empire

story is the narrative – presupposes the storyteller has info we dont have

hard to tell stories if we all have access to the same info

rejecting of narratives – filtering at individual level

if we expect the final prod to look like a story – we wont get there because thats not what the product is

story and diversity

biggest success of blogosphere journalism was Rather

doing away with THE story – no single point of truth

building trust in contributors

tracking historical raw data

battery dying…

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