Dave Winer blogs about about Richard McManus’s comments about Bloggercon:

BloggerCon IV tended to favor the most vocal people. I agree, and this is not the way it’s supposed to be. I don’t think the DLs took the guidelines seriously in this area, and unless they do, the unconference format suffers. They’re supposed to seek out people, to interrupt repeating and droning. The guidelines don’t say the DLs “may” interrupt, they say “must.”

Now Dave has been the evangelist of the format, and he has also run previous bloggercon’s, so he has a better idea of history and how the conference should be. That being said, I thought BloggerCon IV was AWESOME. The crowd was engaged and the conversation was both fast and fun. Everyone in the room took a turn at the mic (or so it seemed) and the format seemed to rock and roll. Now it may not have been everything Dave wanted (or expected) but a Bloggercon noob (me) actually loved the format (and would like to try it inside my company).

Could Bloggercon IV have been better? I dunno – I thought it was great.
I guess Dave will just have to throw another one to see 🙂

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Last Modified: July 5, 2006

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