Shifting money

“Money Jim, but not as we know it”

Shift Happens

phase shift, paradigm shift

BarCamp seattle
first heard of gnomedex

nothis first public presentation – first use of powerpoint 🙂

theory of money – problems and solutions
proactice of money
core reorganization
next steps

pshift (paradigm shift) happens
in its own good times
whether you like it or not
sometimes you see it coming

sometime in the next few years, everyone will be using open money
give some idea of why it will happen

when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change – max planck

logs -> wheels
materials and mass -> function

are we still shifting logs in cyberspace
not talking about what money is

The Theory of Money
the general condition of money – pours in – pours out
issued in volume
in the position of negotiating a zero sum game
primary function of money is it moves

its (money) function is to come and go
when gone its gone
it doesnt come back
value of $ lies in money itself

trouble – sitting between a trickledown and a pour away
coming in thin and going out fast

local aspect of money
making the resources that facilitate the economy where they are needed

Virtual Barrels

level in barrel up and down phenomenon
in virt bank you have virt level
transaction is virtual between two accounts
becomes self managing closed network

size of the system – no information of how big these can get
in millions rather than thousands
smaller the system the higher the reflux, flowback, regeneration – but less variety

look for balance

measure in any unit – time, KhW, and type

rules as agreed – conceive like an email group – rules determined by initiator and those who choose to join

when someone does favor a variety of options
pay off (out)
pay back (stop)
pay forward (away) – gift exchange dissipates and dies – doesnt scale, go far
pay round round)

closed loop currencies – regenerating concept

quasi-tribal economy

1 then 2, 3, 4, 5

neo tribalists do it with requisite variety

DIVERSITY – not locked into one closed loop – multiple
we are in many
society thrives on it

DIstributed – Open Code (of course)
load factors, stability, security

community currencies –
not replacement or alternatives used with not instead of dollars
internet dumb at the center, smart at the edges
tax accountable where tax applies
open not public
not in competition with anything
not impeded or in conflict
business friendly, persistent loyalty, income not discount

loyalty baased on collab rather than compete

SMB adv. over LB, XLB, XXLB

Markets are COnversations
money is the medium

conventional money carries one way
open money carries in others

open money is to normal
as a laser is to a flashlight

when you spend CC$
and they come back
you keep $

Practice of Money – SOlutions and Problems
practice practice practice

phone message recorder account program

do the whole thing for .25 per transaction
no bricks, mortar, stuff, admin – collective timesharing

1985 – Open Source distro
3k startups of this idea worldwide

comp with one program – not that exciting
multicurrencies was their plan
lots said “do one first” – they got stuck as a result

from 92 – multiple CCs by software
in general – open money

development – no cost, regionally and locally managed
community way
smart cards

variant on united way
community way

smart cards – they have smart cards
8k card, 15 currencies, comes from 270mil
stored value
$10k – entire dev cost
POS device – pocket to pocket transfer

Comox Valley – community way, – no coverage in the western world
nothing local – banks radio, no movement
happend in 98-99

Structure of Scientific revolutions
thomas kuhn

perceptioin is reality
no persistent local success
no software to reach long tail

not a lot of breakthrough – stuck, without software to take thru the localization

Core Reorganization
take accounts in namespaces
names grouped in domains/contexts
recursive to N levels
accounts exchanged

Open Money Ontology
Geof Cheshire, Eric Harris Brown
4 entities
accoutns currencies, flows contexts

mesh of lined URI

“churn for the mesh”
cloud of records
cloud of knowing – doesnt mean everyone knows everything – all out there on the internet and can access with relevant permission
relates communities of identity
identity – reputation space – dont piss in the middle of the room
self mgmt thru the hierarchy of domains
being being being

communtiies of action
trade interact, relate, doiung

behavior in currency is YOU – where you matter

Next Steps
waiting for software for 10 years
published spec in 1995

Open Season
USP – very positive
cost of service – next to nil

development funding from applications
cc fundraising models

cost of getting a business on – $100
transaction cost on cards – $0

propogating it can raise lg sums of money local and other
funds itself on the inside

Playing Games
virtual worlds enough and time
virtual worlds communities
“real” world games

LETSplay – the game everyone wins
-tupperware deal
send them to the online game
fundamentally boring

interested in van city – biggest credit union in canada

where it matters
food security
3rd World Development
funding open works

variety to match the challenges

Open Money Development Group
virtually coop
would work faster
contributions welcome

Money – virtual or real
money is the most active social network
whenever we spend money we are voting – what are we voting for?

1970s – entire economy ran on paper endorsed checks for a year – Ireland? – supporting projects collectively

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