boundaries between fans and presentation/music

How do fans interact

how to give power back

2 spaces – stage and audience space – existed since greek times

power of fan, power of audience

participatory culture

REM – SD 2003 – estab norms of space

fans determin the set list

bands control over the audience becomes complicated

audience organzied by another algo – profiles in range of clusters to go see who to go meet

discussion board going on thru sms

henry jenkins – aprticipatory cultuere

where there is no diff fro mthe fan and the band

hier of control breaking – artifacts of culture (Mp3s movies) and discourse (board, blogs) – never happened before

implications of media give more weght to what is being said

settled in their own hierarchies

author subj to the qual or representation in the internet age

onus of authoritative voice – ceases for content providers and now sits with the audience

fleetwood mac – end to end didnt listen to users

now – producers and consumers are a lot closer

diff between consume an dproduce has been reduced and the barriers are completely gone

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