Chris and 3 VCs on stage

Chris gives the elevator pitch

new look and feel thanks to liquid orb

300 searches ou tthere that output rss

make your own – tag is your own – functional more than anythign else

organize by category – through the feeds –

todd cochrane launched blubrry with rss search

easily readable urls – push the query throiugh the different rss feeds

takes advantage of opml

export and import for an aggregator

wants to grow this out – a lot of promise

everything you hear of UGC is bullshit – how do you gen revs?

wants to be able to set it up to share rev thru google adsense id, etc. etc. – splitting 50% of traffic to the person generating the content. Pay people for the traffic they send out

mobile and search based

will people look for mobile rss searches – one place to subscribe to – tagjag responsible – filtering and clustering latrer

feedback to chris from vcs

Jeff Clavier

should it be funded – vc, angels, audience

why does he need funding? – bootstrapping

there is nothign wrong with bootstrapping a company that fulfills needs and dreams

angels and vcs dont necessarily want you to take the money

what does he want to achieve

why did he do it – why is he the best person to do that – VC – always a thought to competition – will it be a better solutioin that wink?

vc’s will want you to give 100% of your time

how to solve in the context of the team

in cool idea stage but not vc funded stage – rally free and bootstrap – evolve from neat idea to long term sustainable biz

dont position it as raising a bunch of money

if you suck we will tell you

chit chat – see progression – not 1 event – a process through time

take adv of where the trajectory of the biz goes

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Last Modified: March 18, 2007

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