Big message – BLOG THAT!

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Open Source
Open Hardware
Open Spectrum
Open Communications
Open Business
Open Money
Open Culture
Open Networks
Open Society
Open Government
Open Borders
Open Search
Open Schools/Library
Open Minds
Open Space
Open Carry
Open Everything

Peter Drucker – focus on the I in IT

Amazon, 900 reviews, every one in chron order – why can’t i org my reviews?
Whole electronic world is out to lunch
Bezos – end user driven innovation

Running on Empty – how dems and reps are destroying republic

We need to run a global national debate – 12 policies, 10 threats, 8 challenges

Fed govt broken in every way

weekly report per zipcode

China – taking over – teaching chinese free across the 3rd world, gonna take over argentina

war of minds across the globe – provide free online education, in every language
hand out cell phones
DOD residual sat capability
take back bandwidth
get into understanding THEN changing perceptions

Howard Bloom – Global Brain

Katrina was a major turning point in public perception

we can do better than CIA

“Your Government is Stupid”

Get amazon to understand – harness writers and readers in locale – readers + bloggers + experts = magic happens on any subject

easy – all you have to do it do it

Fun, informative presentation…

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Last Modified: August 10, 2007

One thought on “Gnomedex 2007 – Robert Steele – Keytone

  1. Robert Steele

    Great summary! Thank you. Slides and planned words are at, the corrected version iwth the Ron Paul image added will be posted in Sweden on Monday. I had a blast, as did my son, and I really liked the Stacy happisoness money and the Justin TV. Had to leave to get a plane to the Middle East, bvack in life on the 22nd. Peace.

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