Energy is IT

out there on the leading and bleeding edge of energy tech
we are on the lead and bleed of internet

what we can do – how we empower – the tech on the planet

things could be worse

Need for clean energy
global warming
grid vulnerability (one well placed bullet)
distributed energy
power to the people
applianc-local level

cost of energy – Oil vs Renewable
oil goes up, renewables decreasing
nexus where they are starting to match

competing with grid electricity

ny major renewable could power the planet itself

“the stone age didnt end because they ran out of stone”
new ways of doiung things

dont go to the time we run out before we look for solutions
oil industry bully on the block from technology side

Imagine Universal Prosperity

every time he hears the word impossible “so what” – flight, space travel, medicine

Evolution of ideas – all truth passes through three stages
violently opposed
accepted as self evident

one step ahead of the crowd = genius
2 steps – crackpot

legit modalities with working prototypes

free energy – redefine the field
energy sources that are free
sun, wind, tide, cold fusion, magnet motors

not coming from nowhere – just because you cant see radio waves doesnt mean they arn’t there

dont shut them out because they seem impossible

efficiency and conservation is as important

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Last Modified: August 11, 2007

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