My favorite-conference-for-life is Gnomedex. Hands down, it is the best. Best speakers, best crowd (Lunatic Fringe), best topics, and I got to do some sightseeing in Seattle.

This week Chris and Ponzi opened up the idea of Gnomedex 2006, and floated the idea that there be 2 Gnomedexes. The response was, well, very gnomdexy. Everyone weighed in with suggestions as to where the next event should be held. Some were for the idea of 2 events, and others were against.

The fact that they would ask is the best part. Chris and Ponzi maintain the Gnomedex mailing list, keeping the tribe in touch. The maintains the links and wiki still, 3 months after the conference. There is even a gnomedex participants blog that I read religiously.

My only regret is missing the first 4 gnomedexes

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