John Battelle, Search Guru, band manager of BoingBoing and Jedi Master blogger is talking about Vertical Search and a new conference Vertical Leap

My buddy John Ballestrieri runs, a vertical search engine for IT professionals. These guys recently nailed a relationship with to provide search services for IT searches on the site (click here for an article about the deal from

Why is Vert search so much better? Is it worth more than Google?

Obviously with Vert Search I am closer to the target. I can get better results thanks to targeting (restricting the parameters of the search) and I dont need to worry about getting nonsense hits – more relevant. This is niche searching instead of marketing. If I want to find out about disease management, google is OK for the layman, but it seems like the smart money is on a medical, or disease management vertical search.

See the whole article here:
John Battelle’s Searchblog: Get Vertical

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Last Modified: June 10, 2005

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