Chris Pirillo, from Lockergnome and the greatest tech conference I have ever attended, Gnomedex, has just launched his new meta search engine

It was borne out of several frustrations. If you’ve ever tried to visit a Web site over a mobile device, you know it’s a pain in the knuckle. The domain had to be simple to key-in from anywhere. is 4232.2233 on most cell phones and/or PSP. Normally, when you want to find something online, you have to choose a Web site (wait for the page to load) enter the query (wait for the second page to load) then see results from that provider. With “,” you insert the query *AS* the subdomain!


Up until now, Chris has had this in BETA, with only select friends and Gnomedexers checking it out (one of the coolest things about gnomdex is how the conversation has continued since the conference). I have been playing with it recently

All it needs now is some RSS-goodness so I can subscribe to my searches! (oops – thats PUBSUB)

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