PSFK has a great post (how did I miss this one???) about Cory Doctrow releasing his book Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town as an RSS feed. Basically the feed releases a chapter of the book on a regular basis, starting with the first chapter when you subscribe to the feed. Subscribing to a comic book, a novel, a podcast radio serial…

Of course, I already subscribed, just to see if it works out (reading a book thru the feed) . I am not sure if the book would be better released as an OPML file (structured data – see Marc Canter’s post). But it is still another pretty cool application of RSS.

Doctrow is a big proponent of Creative Commons (he has released all of his books under a creative commons license) and is a European rep for EFF. He is also one of the authors of BoingBoing.

Link from BoingBoing

Surfarama’s post (which PSFK pointed to)

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