Great interview with Alton Brown from Food Channel’s Good Eats on Brian’s Belly.

Brown’s is my favorits show on Food Network, hands-down (Mon-Fri at 7pm). He has even gotten covered on Slashdot.

“What I do like is adapting vernacular. It is not that I’m a computer geek, it’s that I’m obsessed with different sub-culture vernacular and it just so happens that the computer industry and culture has a lot of great terminologies that they have invented… and so I adapt them. It’s not because I am a part of them, although I think I understand something of that brain box. It’s been said that I think of recipes as open code, and I like that because with open code the opportunity exists for constant deviation, constant evolution, constant revolution… and I’d like to see that in cooking.”

Great interview (and I just subscribed to Brian’s feed). Even Alton Brown has a blog (hit the Rants and Raves section of his site – he still needs to get an RSS feed).

Link to the article here:

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