Met the guys from the band BUNNY tonight. These kids (yeah, I feel like I am 100 years old) are a great rock band from Ireland. Or they are an Irish Band that Rocks.

The ‘gang’ is working with the band to improve their profile and get their U.S. activities together. These guys have a great deal of potential. Tons of ideas brewing…

Some things to remember:

A. Korean barbecue is amazing (first time – wow)
B. Steve needs to stop showing people that video on his phone (dont ask)
C. The inside cover of their second album is killer
D. Need to think about putting together a website for them for the USA including some kinda blog (thanks dreamhost), Podcasting, Creative Commons their music to make it podsafe… and ways to get these guys more gigs.
E. I need to stop working on my vacation

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