Kickoff with Dave – Discussing Jargon and shorthand and how we protect knowledge, how we speak in code (medical, advertising, etc)

How the “Priesthood” gets involved, protects its interests, creates coded communications for their own protection/support/continuation of their architectures of control.
What we dont discuss is how sometimes this is unintentional or a byproduct of what we are doing. Yesterday we discussed OPML, RSS, ATOM, HIG, Blogging, VLogging, DOCSIS and a ton of topics that Joe SixPack wouldnt understand without explanation. Were we talkin in Jargon? Yes. Could Joe Sixpack get it?

One of the tenets of unconferences is that there is no audience – its one big conversation (its less of a conference than a living blog). In my opinion, we dont need to wait for TIME magazine to put out the definition of what RSS, Blogging, Podcasting, Vlogging, etc. mean. Thats _our_ job. We need to make this stuff clear (in my case, to my mom, clients, etc.). Yesterday at Chris’ discussion about Users we talked about how users have a right to complain and stomp and shout and demand.

We also have a responsibility to evangelize and make this stuff more accessible.

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