Try Ricky Gervais new podcast.


Not kinda funny.

Not sorta funny.

Not dry british humor.

It is priceless.

Episode 1 December 5 2005
In which Ricky, Steve and Karl discuss …
the pros and cons of technological invention, leading on to Karl’s Malthusian concerns and a possible solution. There’s a digression into the extra sensory perception of early hominids. Oh, and some Monkey News of course. Plus strange tales about lethal drinking vessels and stately homes.

I love his original version of The Office. The guy kills me. His partners on the podcast are funny. He plays off them well. The only thing about it that i hated was that it ended.

One of the reasons I just bought my slick iPod video was that he was podcasting. Ricky says this the first in a series of 12 podcasts, so I am not sure of his long term plans, but it is up there on the iTunes most popular.

Check it out here:

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