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In this post Marc spends some time with shoutouts (Happy BDay Doc!), engagement notices, links he digs etc. He also includes this:

Maybe Fred Wilson and Jason Calacanis see it from my POV right now. All that activity inside of Facebook – should in fact be activity between Blogs, Twitter, Message boards, Podcasting aggregators, dashboards, IM, email and everything else; instead of just inside of Facebook.

Why can’t I have an “Ecto for Social Networks” – an application (webbased or desktop) that allows me to connect to, edit, form my social network ecosystem from one place/dashboard/etc. Why dont I have a syndicator/aggregator for Social Network Stuff (syndicator is pushing it out, aggregator pulling it in)?

While I can appreciate the strategy for why Facebook wants to open up the platform to make it a hobbled version of that aggregator, are they just really creating another roach motel? Another place we need to cultivate and control and bring all of these feeds and sources (and FRIENDS) into one place that we dont own, dont have a way out for our sources and links and buddies and stories and widgets and, and and

Are we letting ourselves be trapped in a gilded cage AGAIN (remember the portal wars? stickiness and eyeballs and going public?).

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