I wrote this post a while back (July 2007) about how 15 of the top 25 blogs were not in English.

2 months later, its 6 out of 25.

Love the graphic below, a screenshot form Buzzmetrics BlogPulse


Dig this –

from Blogpulse

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Last Modified: September 28, 2007

2 thoughts on “15 er, uh, 6 of top 25 blogs mentioned today on Buzzmetrics are from inside the US

  1. Daz Cox

    just curious, how are these results come by? most number of people linked to the blog? page hits?

  2. Sean Post author

    Buzzmetrics is kind-of a black box. I assume it is some kind of overall pageviews combined with relative link-value but honestly, I havent looked that deeply into it. In other conversations about measuring social media I have said we need a kind of “pagerank” for what we do, especially to help grease the wheels for those clients who are all about the numbers. Stowe Boyd has done some interesting work on this.

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